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Very pale terra with Cream Traditional Shoulder Shawl 11107

£ 50.00

No stock

A traditional Welsh Shoulder Shawl in a pale combition of terra and cream with  highlights of powdery blue, lavender, silver and red.

Part of Welsh costume The 'siol bach'  (small shawl) is also known as a

shoulder shawl . In the past it would have been folded into a triangle and pinned with a thorn.  Worn by both men and women

Very early shawls were in plain colours with fine over check but towards the end of the 19th century   checks became more common.

Made from very fine wool  it is very rare to find one in perfect condition - this one has a slightly untidy fringe and a very faint mark

A lovely token of Welsh Heritage



West Wales
89 x 86cm
25 x 34 inches
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