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Deep Pink , Brown Wholecloth 11746

£ 900.00

1 item in stock

Just Stunning Welsh Quilting !

Beautiful wholecloth - one side a deep pink reversing to a mid brown.

A rayon quilt from the 1920's-30's . During the nineteenth century attempts had been made to make an artifical thread to replicate  silk , but it wasnt until the first decades of the twentieth century that they created a suitable fabric .

 The name “rayon” was coined in the 1924 as a generic term for regenerated cellulose fiber. The “Father of Rayon,” Frenchman Count Hillaire de Chardonnet, discovered in the 1880s that nitrocellulose from rags or wood pulp could be turned into fiber, thread, and fabric. Rayon was the first manufactured fiber, but because it is derived from cellulose, is not considered to be a true synthetic but a “semi-synthetic.” “Artificial Silk” made by the Chardonnet process was popular for decorative fabrics in the early 20th century.

This whole cloth has fabulous stitching  ,  spirals , large leaves, fans , paisley pears, roses,chains - a true work of art .


229 x 220 cm
90 x 87 inches
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