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Victorian Quilt Top with Indigo 3103

£ 275.00

1 item in stock

Fantastic array of fabrics in this Victorian Quilt Top.

If you are an admirer of Victorian prints , or a collector , or just love the selection of colours and designs this one could be for you.

We have previously used this in an exhibition as a ' treasury' of fabrics for visitors to observe .

An unfinished piece, the maker must have had access to many fabric samples  or sample books as we see repeat designs in different colours . The predominance of blue around the edge is most unusual .

It's perfectly usable just as it is , as a cover to add accent to a room , alternatively it could be backed or the intrepid quilter might like to finish it themselves .

We just love it !


195 x 180 cm
78 x 71 inches

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