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Victorian Purples Print FL12051

£ 520.00

1 item in stock

A Wonderful Example of  a Victorian Purple Print 

Rare to find a purple in such good condition , more often they have faded or over the years the purple dye has turned to brown . 

Purple was one of the most fashionable and versatile colours in the Victorian Era . Previously purple had been a very expensive dye reserved for royalty and the clergy but with the invention of analine dyes mid  century many shades were possible and it was available to both rich and poor, for gowns , riding habits , but also for servants dresses. (and also loved by Victoria herself) 

Girls in service often used the off cuts from their uniform/dresses in patchwork quilts they were making for their bottom drawer,  ( Jen has a good few in her private collection )but it is much more unusual to see a whole cloth quilt 

In this quilt the small Victorian print reverses to a Plain Victorian White and here you can see the lovely traditional Welsh Quilting . The quilting includes a central coin with fans to each outer corner, the remainder divided into  diamonds on point with alternate designs.

With its style, condition and stitching this is certainly one for a collection but is also a very usable period piece .


1870 -1880
211 x 178 cm
83 x 70 inches
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