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Purple Victorian Print 4319

£ 450.00

1 item in stock

 Double sided Welsh Wholecloth Quilt

Victorian Purple Design with a reverse of  tiny rosebuds on a creamy white .

Perfect to get the look of the period . Many of these purple prints pop up in Victorian patchworks  but its rare to get a wholecloth in such good condition. 

Purple was one of the most fashionable and versatile colours in the Victorian Era . Previously purple had been a very expensive dye reserved for royalty and the clergy but with the invention of analine dyes mid  century many shades were possible and it was available to both rich and poor, for gowns , riding habits , but also for servants dresses. (  and also loved by Victoria herself )

Hand quilted in traditional Welsh style



200 x 179 cm
79 x 70 inches

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