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Cream and Pale Olive Stripe NL04063

£ 125.00

1 item in stock

A little piece of the mid nineteenth century. Early Welsh blanket.

This is one half of a narrow loom Welsh blanket , it came alone not with its other half maybe the family divided for practical reasons or possibly the other piece met with an accident , we will never know .

It came from a farm in Llanon with other early textiles and we beleive they all came from a local mill.

A very early piece the colours are either from natural wool colours , or from natural dyes . The stripe as with many of the earlier Welsh blankets only appears on one side. There are two theories as to this anomaly - 1 the weavers had not discovered how to make a double sided pattern or  2 only showing the stripe on one side saved on coloured wool / dye .

 For a collection or strategically placed to get that taditional Weslh look , this is lovely desirable piece.



193 x 78 cm
76 x 31 inches

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