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Crazy Quilt 11197

£ 175.00

No stock

This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a rare example of 19th Century Crazy Quilt.

Crazy quilts were extremely popular in the late 1800’s. Combining the Japanese influence of asymmetry, British love of the embroidery stitch and the accessibility of exotic fabrics

These creative pieces were very labour intensive and quite ‘daring’ compared to the organised nature of the regular quilting block.

Harpers Bizarre 1884 apparently noted that it could take up to 1500 hours to create a crazy quilt and that they were usually the province of the urban upper classes who had time and access to these enchanting fabrics.

This particular crazy quilt is a mixture of silks, satins and velvets each piece outlined in golden feather stitch -As is more often the case several of the silks are damaged .(Treatments to stiffen when new often destroyed the fabric over time)

The piece is backed in a golden satin – no batting

A perfect size to make a beautiful wall hanging.


167 x 129 cm
66 x 51 inches
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