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Double Sided Floral from Llanon 11324

£ 395.00

1 item in stock

Very pretty Double sided Floral Welsh Quilt made in the Village of Llanon  Just north of Aberaeron in the old county of Cardiganshire ( now Ceredigion )

The same floral print is seen on cream reversing to pink ( the pink side has a natural imperfection in the dye which we have shown in the close-up - not a stain  but a slightly darker patch of dye which doesnt stand out when viewing the whole quilt but needed to be commented upon )

Lovely traditional Welsh Quilting with many spirals and leaves .

Relatively lightweight with either cotton or lambswool batting.

A lovely example



Llanon , Cardiganshire
206 x 175 cm
81 x 69 inches
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