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Amber and Cream with Bolder Border 19th Century Welsh Blanket 6736

£ 195.00

1 item in stock

A lovely example of a 'brighter' coloured blanket from the late 19th possibly early 20th century .

The colour purple  was in history  an expensive natural dye ( Tyrian ) often associated with Royalty  - but with the invention of the  synthetic analine  dye by  William Henry Perkin  in 1856 we see it becoming available to the 'masses'  and often  used to create wonderful bolder borders in these  gritty 19th century Welsh Wool blankets.

Middle weight small unusual 'birdseye weave' - several small flaws created in the weave.

And as with all early blankets it is made in two halves on a narrow loom and joined up the middle . Collectable  , usable item


West Wales
203 x 191 cm
80 x 75 inches
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