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Victorian Patchwork 8414

Victorian Patchwork Quilt
Victorian Patchwork QuiltVictorian Patchwork QuiltVictorian Patchwork QuiltVictorian Patchwork Quilt
£ 325.00

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Victorian Patchwork Quilt

This classic patchwork quilt has been made from the many small prints of the sort favoured in the Victorian period.

Often girls in service would make a quilt for their future marriage and we see the striped or small print fabrics of their daily outfits included in the quilts. This could well be one such quilt.

Prints include the ever popular madder, and purple prints

The centre of the quilt may well have been made  earlier ( 1880 ) with larger pieces added to complete the quilt at a slightly later date .

The quilt is backed in a small purple print - there are fades to this side where it has been folded and stored.


Victorian period
Ysbyty Ystwyth, Cardiganshire
221 cm x 165 cm
7ft 3in x 5ft 5in
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