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Egyptian Applique Quilt 8204

£ 425.00

1 item in stock

Egyptian Applique Quilt

We believe this amazing applique quilt to be made by The Tent Makers of Cairo.

The Applique craft in Egypt has a long and interesting history. It came to Egypt many centuries ago and is today practiced by the tent-makers in Cairo. They make their quilts using their traditional craft inspired by the appliqu work that once decorated the interiors of nomadic Arab tents. With the decline in demand for tents in the modern Arab world they now use their skill to make decorative household items

There are now very few of these crafts men remaining as there is a lack of demand in modern Egypt for such work

Definitely a collectors item

This example is in brilliant red blue and green , cut and appliqued over white.

The reverse is a light weight 'canvas' . A sleeve is attached if you should wish to hang it


218 cm x 218 cm
7ft 2in x 7ft 2in
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