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Nineteen Thirties Cotton Patchwork 10896

£ 195.00

1 item in stock

A lovely cotton patchwork , most probably American but has made its way to Wales !

This is not a traditional Welsh design so we asked the quilters on facebook to name the design .

Interestingly they came up with many different  names  and it appears names change depending on your location , which state you are living in. The leading suggestions were 'Jacobs Ladder'  , 'Northern lights', 'Anvil' , Flying Bats and a variation on 'The Road to California' ..... maybe you know another too, whichever its a lovely vintage patchwork with a good selection of small prints from the era .

All cotton with a fine cotton batting , hand quilted . Plain White reverse.



229 x 162 cm
90inches x 64inches
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